Sunday, March 28, 2010

Undersea Woobie - a keepsake blanket

This blanket will give a baby or small child enough to make his or her tactile senses tingle.

With the appropriate yarns, it can easily be made machine washable. The blanket shown is a combination of nylon, rayon and acetate, and is done in crochet. It will stand up to the day to day punishments a small child can inflict on it. Small enough to carry along, but big enough to wrap up the imagination. A woobie like this becomes a keepsake for all times.

Click photos to enlarge, click again to enlarge in browser for close up detail.

The blanket background is a nested fans pattern and quite easy to crochet. Coral Reef, fish and reef life are all done in free-form crochet. Lots of fun!

A great scrap buster, this blanket will use up all those left over novelties left in your stash. The only tools you will need are one hook, a pair of scissors and a tapestry needle.

30 pages of instructions that cover each step of the blanket, along with detailed color pictures.

Real life pictures at the headers of each pattern will make choosing colors easy.

Finished blanket measures approximately 33 to 36 inches long and 28 inches across the top.

Pattern available for $7.98 in pdf format. Include your email and home address with your order.

Pattern will arrive at your home on disc in pdf format.
You must have Adobe Reader.