Professional Assembly & Finishing

Expert assembly for knitted and crocheted garments.

With the cost of quality yarn these days, and the amount of workmanship put into any knitted or crocheted garment, one should consider the assembly and finishing of the garment to be as equally important as knitting it. The inside should look as good as the outside, with no bunched or uneven seams that may cause the garment to warp. Sleeves should be comfortable and not bind the shoulders, collars and necklines should not choke, seams should not pucker.

I provide two services for knitters who outsource their assembling and / or finishing.

Parts are hand stitched together, applying pockets, setting sleeves, stitching up seams, etc. It is preferred that you do not cast off the shoulders, leaving the stitches raw and on stitch holders, if at all possible. Assembled garments are then returned to you so that you may do the finishing yourself.

Finishing is knitting the final parts, such as, cuffs, necklines, edging and trim, adding button holes, applied I-cord, and drawing up necklines. Included in the service are small collars, waistbands, hems and frogs at no additional charge. There are additional charges for extra large collars.

Consult the price chart below. It covers a majority of the types of assembly and finishing.

When your garment arrives, I will assess the work to be done. You will be invoiced and work will begin on the date of the invoice.

You will have two weeks from the date of invoice to submit payment.
Payment can be in check or money order sent with the invoice information.
Or, go to your Pay Pal account and pay via that method.

Garment will be returned as soon as it is completed, usually within two to four weeks.

When sending your garment, it is important to remember to include the following items:

a. The complete pattern, preferably in English. Please include the pictures and indicate the size. If this is a garment that you made without using a pattern, please give specific instructions as to how you would like it assembled and note any unique features with a safety pin.

b. The yarn. I will not be responsible for items arriving without the proper yarn, and I will not shop it for you. Please make sure you have included the necessary yarn to finish the item. If at any time I run out, the piece will be charged for the work done on it up to that point, and returned incomplete unless you can provide more yarn. It is always advisable to buy one extra ball of yarn when you are purchasing supplies to make a garment so that you have a enough of the proper color should you accidentally run out.

c. A phone number and email address that you can be contacted at. You must provide your email address as this is the method you will be billed.

Package your work well. Keep in mind what a cup of coffee spilled on your package might do to the contents inside. Once they leave your hands, you have no control over what happens to them. Seal them in water proof bags before shipping them. Insure your shipment to provide compensation for losses.

Patterns, all left over yarns, and any tools that were shipped with your pieces will be returned to you.

Postage charges vary. If you send them Parcel Post, I will return them Parcel Post. If you send them Flat Rate Priority, I will return them Flat Rate Priority. I insure all return packages and attach delivery confirmation. Postage, insurance and delivery confirmation are not included in the prices for services, and will be specified on your invoice.

I take great pride in my work and provide high end, high quality workmanship. If there is a reason to provide a refund,the refunded amount will have return postage costs deducted. I gaurauntee the part of the work that I do myself.

The knitted pieces are the responsibility of the owner. I will not be responsible for pieces not knitted (or crocheted) according to the pattern, pieces that are warped, pieces that are stained, dropped stitches, missed rows, pre-existing holes and tears, or pieces that are unraveling. Assembly and finishing do not include correcting problems or repairing the knit. Items that fit this description will be returned and the money refunded, less postage costs.

I do not accept bulk orders from manufacturers or designers. I provide a high standard of quality workmanship for private knitters and crocheters who do not do their own assembly or finishing work. My work is done by hand, by me alone, and no machines are used.


Sweaters / Blouses / Shells
Pullover, long sleeves $24.00
Pullover, short sleeves 20.00
Pullover, sleeveless 16.00
Open front, long sleeves 24.00
Open front, short sleeves 20.00
Open front, sleeveless, vests 16.00
Open front, long sleeves, extra long 28.00

Dresses – pullover styles 2 panels / 4 panels
Long sleeves $28.00 / 32.00
Short sleeves 24.00 / 28.00
Sleeveless 20.00 / 24.00
Floor length add 4.00

To mid calf 16.00 / 20.00
Floor length 20.00 / 24.00

Sweaters / Blouses / Shells
Pullover, long sleeves $38.00 *
Pullover, short sleeves 35.00
Pullover, sleeveless 32.00
Open front, long sleeves 43.00 *
Open front, short sleeves 40.00
Open front, sleeveless, vests 37.00
Open front, long sleeves, extra long 51.00 *

Dresses – pullover styles 2 panels / 4 panelss
Long sleeves $41.00 * / 44.00 *
Short sleeves 38.00 / 41.00
Sleeveless 25.00 / 38.00

To mid calf 32.00 / 35.00
Floor length 35.00 / 38.00
Frogs (1 knot + 1 loop) $5.00 each by themselves, no charge if included in finishing.

*Shawl collars, cowls add $10.00